Texts published in other magazines

Antitrust Enforcement and Government Interventions in Agricultural Markets – Case Study of Colombia”. Antitrust Chronicle (January 2020), Competition Policy International. Co-authored with Andrés Felipe Suárez. The full text can be downloaded (freely) here.

“Proposal for the Publication of a Guide to Regulate Dawn Raids by the Colombian Competition Authority” (June 24, 2020), published in Competition Policy International.

La comunidad académica y la defensa de la libre competencia: Bases para una propuesta en América Latina“, in Latin American Competition Bulletin No. 26, pp. 80 – 89, 2009. Available for download here.

La legislación de competencia en América Latina y el Caribe”, CEDEC Working Paper, October, 2007. Available for download here.

El régimen de defensa de la competencia en Panamá: estructura, aplicación y reformas recientes”, in «Latin American Competition Bulletin», N ° 22, pp. 84-105 2006. Available for download here.

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Blog: Derecho y políticas de libre competencia en América Latina

Founder and author of the blog «Derecho y Políticas de Libre Competencia en América Latina «.

Since 2007, the blog has published information on competition law and policies in Latin America and the Caribbean. There are currently 65 authors, lawyers and economists, contributing to the blog from more than a dozen countries in the region.

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Blog: Foro Gestión y Política Pública

Founder and author of the blog « Foro Gestión y Política Pública «.

Since 2019 the main objective of the blog is to promote the dissemination of ideas, research and information on public management and public policy. The blog is an independent space for debate that seeks to bring academic research and government experiences to a wider audience. Currently 15 authors from different Latin American countries contribute to the blog.

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