Juan David Gutiérrez Rodríguez

Doctor (PhD) in Public Policy from the University of Oxford School of Government. He obtained a Master of Law and Economics (LLM) jointly awarded by the University of Bologna and the University of Erasmus Rotterdam. He, too, received a master’s degree in Public Policy in Latin America from the University of Oxford. Juan David is a lawyer from the Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá).

He teaches Public Policy, Public Policy Analysis and Public Policy Consulting at the School of Government of the Universidad de los Andes. Juan David is principal investigator of the Research Group in Economic Law at the Universidad Javeriana and a member of the Multidisciplinary Research Group on Public Policies at the Universidad de los Andes. He is in charge of the Latin America chapter of the Academic Society for Competition Law – ASCOLA.

Juan David has more than 15 years of experience as a consultant in legal and public policy matters. He has advised governments of Latin America and the Caribbean, civil society organizations, trade associations and companies. He was an advisor to the Minister of Justice and Director of Formal Justice of the Ministry of Justice of Colombia.

His research focuses on competition law and policy, economic regulation, and natural resource governance. Juan David has published articles in international magazines such as Extractive Industries and Society and Latin American Law Review and in national magazines such as Revista Desarrollo y Sociedad, Ópera, Revista de Derecho de la Competencia and International Law. He has also contributed chapters to books published by the publishers Edward Elgar, Hart Publishing, Kluwer Law International, the Banco de la República de Colombia, and the publishers of the Universidad de los Andes, the Universidad Javeriana and the Universidad Externado. The complete list of his publications is available on Google Scholar.